Quincy named as one of the best small cities for college graduates

The Gem City ranked eighth out of ten.

The website Credit Donkey released a list on Tuesday, and ranked the Gem City eighth out of ten, beating out towns like Marinette and Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Credit Donkey is a financial education website that aims to make personal finance easy to understand.

Amy Looten with the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce feels this ranking could be a great selling point for a potential work force.

"We are always interested in drawing more workers to our area, in fact we really could use that at this point , " Looten said.

The ranking was based on the cities unemployment rate, population with bachelor's degrees, median rent, commute time, and bars per 10,000 people.

Looten thinks one of Quincy's advantages from the ranking was the low unemployment rate.

"While we have not been unscathed, we have really survived the past economic challenges of the past couple of years pretty well, and so I think that that speaks highly of us as well , " said Looten.

One organization that looks to promote and assist new graduates in the area is Young Professionals.

Members from the group like LeeAnn Beard are glad to see Quincy being recognized, and feel ready to lead the city.

"We're the next generation, we are the up and coming workforce of this area and we're here to make a difference for the future ," Beard said. "O nce the baby boomers and the older adults decide to retire, we'll move right in and take over and do really well."

Looten feels just being on the ranking is an honor.

"Even getting mentioned on that list will help people just be more aware that a small town is a great place to start your career, and I think that that will help folks look at us as a possible relocation ," said Looten.

Quincy sits behind Galesburg, Illinois on the list.