Quincy murder suspect found and arrested in Chicago

The man wanted for first degree murder in connection to that fatal shooting at a Quincy Hardee's two weeks ago is now behind bars.

U.S. Marshall's found and arrested 28-year-old Phillip Diaz from Chicago in the Windy City Saturday night.

He's charged with first degree murder in the death of 38-year-old Ian Barksdale on May 23rd.

Diaz is the third arrest in this crime.

22-year-old Dante Gomez from Quincy and 24-year-old Benny Smothers from Chicago were arrested last week and charged with obstructing justice.

Last month, police say the murder was traced back to the Casino Starlight where Barksdale was employed.

He broke up a fight between Diaz and another person.

Police say Diaz and Barksdale crossed paths again later that night at the Hardee's on Broadway.

Barksdale was shot multiple times. He died a few hours later at Blessing Hospital.

A friend of the shooting victim, Ian Barksdale, speaks out after hearing that a suspect is being sought by the Quincy Police Department: