Quincy mother reunited with adopted children

It was a sight that could not have come soon enough.

A Quincy couple, who's been battling for three years to bring their three adopted children from Haiti to the United States is finally together.

KHQA's Rajah Maples was there for the happy homecoming at Lambert International Airport in St. Louis late Wednesday afternoon.

Mervi and Patrick Leyendeckers, and their three adopted children from Haiti were smiling from ear to ear Wednesday afternoon. Patrick has spent the past two weeks in Haiti and arrived in St. Louis with his three children -- 15-year-old Kenlley, 12-year-old Dieunika and 11-year-old Modeline. Mervi, who was waiting to greet them, told me she was more nervous than excited before-hand.

What's it like to be a mom three times over in one day? Mervi Leyendeckers said, "I don't know! We'll see how it goes. I'm sure it's going to be just fine."

The couple started the adoption process three years ago but escalated their efforts to bring their children home after last month's devastating earthquake.

Mervi Leyendeckers said, "It was a slow process, but of course, we're happy now. I'm sure we'll forget all of this."

Patrick Leyendeckers said, "They knew I was coming to get them, so they were relieved I made it."

Mervi had a cart full of warm clothing for their children to wear when they stepped outside in the cold for the first time.

Kenlley said, "I feel so glad and give thanks to God for this family that he gave me."

What is your hope for these children? Patrick Leyendeckers answered, "I just want them to do their best. They've been given an opportunity, and I'm sure they'll make the most of it."

The Leyendeckers started the adoption process three years ago. The couple had been to Haiti a few times to meet the children before this reunion. The oldest two children are biological siblings.