Quincy meth arrests continue to stack up

Lacey Delcour

A string of methamphetamine arrests in the past week have led to eight arrests in what investigators have called some of the largest busts ever in Adams County.

The West Central Illinois Task Force arrested five people Friday at the Quincy Inn and Suites at 36th Street and Broadway.

Lacey Delcour, 20, James Perry, 37, Kandi Jenkins, 31, Jimmy Richeson, 20 and April Brown, 32, are all charged with aggravated participation in meth manufacturing.

All five remain in the Adams County Jail pending a court appearance.

Investigators said they found evidence of methamphetamine manufacturing in a third-floor hotel room along with 300 grams of liquid meth.

A Quincy man arrested Thursday had enough ingredients in his possession to make more than $120,000 in methamphetamine, investigators said.

Joe Niffen, 44, of 1404 N. 26th St., is charged with possession of meth precursors, possession of meth with intent to deliver five to 15 grams and unlawful meth production.

The Task Force arrested Niffen about 9:30 p.m. Thursday at his home.

Investigators uncovered digital scales, cash and over 10 grams of packaged methamphetamine ready for delivery, according to the Task Force's press release. Investigators also found over 2,000 grams of pseudoephedrine pills which they say can make about 1.2 kilograms of methamphetamine with a street value of over $120,000.

Other arrests are pending.

Niffen was already out on bond and awaiting trial on previous charges stemming from an Oct. 27 arrest.

This is the second large-scale methamphetamine bust in as many days.

Jerrit Eli Hartman, 29, of 1201 Park Place and Shawn L. Jones, 36, of 429 S. 7th St. were both arrested Wednesday morning on charges related to methamphetamine manufacturing.

At Hartman's home, investigators discovered a number of items used in the drug's production, hypodermic syringes, digital scales and over 25 grams of liquid and finished methamphetamine, the Task Force said in a press release statement.

Hartman is charged with aggravated participation in methamphetamine manufacture and possession of methamphetamine.

Jones is charged with possession of methamphetamine manufacturing material and aggravated methamphetamine manufacture.

During the search the two homes, investigators found evidence of at least 25 to 30 separate methamphetamine cooks making it one of the largest lab seizures in Adams County, the task force said.