Quincy Menards sees influx of applicants

The newest store in Quincy is still seeing big numbers of job seekers come through its doors.

More than 15 hundred applicants have applied for positions ranging from cashiers, sales department representatives and stockers.

Folks we talked with say they're hoping to land a job in this tough time of high unemployment.

General Manager Jerry Richards says the biggest day was Wednesday, when more than one thousand people were interviewed.

Richards said, "We've had a steady flow each day of people coming in applying for jobs, and we have people to sit down and talk with them. Anyone who wants to wait, they get an interview when they're here. There's a lot of people who are qualified so its making it difficult to pick people out and put people into place."

The job fair runs from 9a.m. until 7p.m. Saturday, but applications will still be taken even after the job fair is over. The jobs should begin in early March with the store's grand opening in April.