Quincy mayor gets feedback from residents and riders

Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore

Quincy's first-year Mayor Kyle Moore is trying to make good on one of his campaign promises ... his scorecard for Quincy.

The mayor is now out in the community asking residents what they think of some city services.

Over the past few weeks, Moore has been out of the office asking residents about the services the city provides. He started with the Quincy Transit Line.

"People were very happy that I was on the bus and and that I took the time not only to ask them the questions, it was a very simple survey, four questions, but I tried to get to know them, too, many of them wouldn't have day to day interactions with the mayor," Moore said.

City buses carry more than a half million riders a year. They have eight routes across the city. Moore spent several days riding the bus to get a feel for what riders like and don't like. John Mims spoke with him on a recent ride to work.

"The mayor Kyle Moore was on the bus and he was really trying to find out what the people are interested in about improving the bus service. And we let him know and he was very personable and we got to talk to him for about 10 or 15 minutes, he was riding on the buses all day long," Mims said.

The mayor asked riders how they rated the arrival and departure times. He also asked about the drivers' professionalism. Moore hopes to get a similar feel for how other city services are faring. He says feedback will help city departments serve constituents in a better way as well.

The mayor said he would like to be able to finalize and release his findings on the city's bus service by next week.