Quincy man's unexpected patriotic donation

American flag

There is no shortage of patriotism when it comes to Dick Foster.

"Well we believe in the constitution and we believe in flying the American flag, I've flown one in my house for 45 years,â?? Foster said.

Because of his patriotism and dedication to the American flag, Foster and the Quincy Tea Party have decided to take Quincyâ??s flag dilemma into their own hands, donating the needed $1,500 to replace old, tattered flags in Quincyâ??s downtown square.

Earlier in the week, Executive Director of The District, Travis Brown, started a fund to raise the money, saying, "We didn't have the budget for it, the city didn't have the budget for it.â??

Brown says the community deserved more than the flags you see flying now.

"Taking care of the flag is not just a respect thing,â?? Brown said. He went on to add, â??It doesn't look good for our district, and for our community, when you get them worn, tattered, torn, not only does it not look good but it doesn't represent our community well."

And now with the help of Fosters donation, Quincy will be able to buy brand new flags for the district, and then some.

"We're probably going to be able, honestly, to buy enough flags, this will pay for the next time they get worn as well,â?? Brown said.

This isn't the first time Foster has made a donation of the red white and blue.

"I've actually stopped at houses to give people flags for their house when there's are tattered,â?? Foster said.

Brown says he couldn't be happier by the donation from Foster, and the community as well, "This community never ceases to amaze me when it comes to issues like this, certainly this donation is just one in another series of amazing things that this community does for itself.â??

You should start seeing new flags in the coming months.