Quincy man wins national sculpture award

Sculpture titled "Steel Life-Cycle"

A local man was honored Friday for winning an award from the American Institute of Steel Construction.

Bruce Helmreich of Michelmann Steel, could be considered a modern day Renaissance man.

He's a published author, a photographer, an artist, and now, an award winning sculptor.

On top of all those things, he stays a very humble person.

Three weeks ago, he found out he won an award from the American Institute of Steel Construction.

"I was surprised and excited to hear about it. It was fulfilling, I guess," Helmreich said.

His co-workers were just as excited, if not more for him.

"We are so proud of Bruce. We've been proud of Bruce and his artistic efforts for years but this is some national recognition for his talents and for Michelmann Steel, so that makes us happy on two counts," President of Michelmann Steel, Laura Ehrhart said.

Bruce has been inspired to do art since he was a child, and enjoys the dynamic of what comes with it.

"It's just a challenge. They had an assignment, and I had a little idea for it. It's just the challenge of creating something," he explained.

"There are so many artistic opportunities available in Quincy and I think that's probably encouraged Bruce along the way and hopefully other artists, too," Ehrhart added.

Helmreich thinks he'll continue to do art well into the future.

"I enjoy it as much as anything I've done in a long time, a lot more than building cabinets at home or fixing up the house, things like that," Helmreich said.

Helmreich says he hopes to continue to submit his work for the contest in the future.

Story by Meghan Townley, KHQA reporter.