Quincy man tells how a distracted driver killed his family

You've heard hundreds of times and you'll probably hear it hundreds of times more, distracted driving is dangerous.

Texting, typing, even talking on your phone while driving can cause fatal accidents.

So can reading a book.

One Quincy family knows the pain of distracted driving all too well.

Randy Stocker had his life and family torn apart because of a distracted driver.

He told his story to KHQA's Jarod Wells.

Randy Stocker said, "On July 22nd, 2003, a distracted driver killed my daughters, Janelle, age 19, Amy, age 9, and my mom as well. He didn't kill them on purpose, but he was doing something that he shouldn't do and nobody should do."

The distracted driver that took the lives of Randy's two daughters and his mother was reading a book while driving a fully loaded semi-truck.

Stocker said, "Took away the opportunity to watch my daughters grow up. My mom was ready to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. I haven't had my mom or my daughters for 7 and a half years. That's birthdays, anniversaries, probably weddings, probably grandkids. If the guy that killed my family had made a better decision, perhaps Janelle and Amy and mom would still be alive today."

There's a question that runs through the minds of Randy and his family members and he wants you to ask yourself the same question everytime you get in your car. Is it worth it to be a distracted driver when you look at the possible consequences? Taking the lives of innocent people. Someone's daugthers, someone's mother, someone's loved ones.

Stocker said, "I want you to put yourself in two people's shoes. Put yourself in my shoes, who lost two daughters and a mom. But also put yourself in the driver's shoes that killed my two daughters and my mom. How would you like to be that person to live with that for the rest of your life, knowing that you took the lives of three innocent people who were out back-to-school shopping, having a good time one second, and they're dead the next. That can happen if you distracted drive."

The next time your phone rings while you're driving, or the next time you think you have to multi-task while you drive, ask yourself that one question, is it worth it?

AT&T recently released a ten-minute documentary titled "The Last Text." It features real-life stories told by those whose lives have been changed forever by texting and driving.

We strongly urge you to watch it with your family.