Quincy man loves to keep his lawn healthy

Quincy mans loves to keep his lawn healthy

Everybody likes to spend time outside on their front lawn, but one man in Quincy spends almost all of his free time out on his lawn.

Lyndell Chaplin's pride and joy is his front lawn.

"Your yard reflects on the whole town, you know, if you keep it clean or trashy or whatever," Chaplin said. "I kind of like it to look good."

Chaplin spends at least four hours a day, a few times a week inspecting his lawn.

"I always like to get up in the morning and my wife calls it a yard tour," Chaplin said. "I like to walk around and see if there's anything happening overnight."

In order to maintain his lawn, Chaplin uses Matt Walbring's company, Custom Turf, to reseed.

Walbring comes at least four times a year to repair Chaplin's lawn.

"This yard, a little fertilizer has greened it up," Walbring said. "It's starting to wake up now and get going. We're trying to rejuvenate it. We're doing a core aeration which makes all these little plug holes and pulls out the little dirt plugs, and what we're going to do is come back and broadcast seed over these."

Walbring said most people reseed their yard in the fall, but if you have an irrigation system, you can reseed it now.

"These last three summers that we've had, have been really horrible for the grass, and they've taken their toll," Walbring said. "Almost every yard could use some kind of reseeding."

Chaplin's wife, Dee, wants the weather to warm up so she can plant more flowers.

Katrina Albert with Bergman Nurseries says Dee might be able to plant soon.

"The frost-free date is Mother's Day, but it always has been a little bit earlier than that," Albert said.

Albert said you need to track the weather day by day before you begin planting.

"Keep an eye out what the temperatures are for the overnight lows," Albert said. "If it's something tender that's been in a greenhouse, that even goes with shrubs and perennials."

Chaplin says he can't wait for the weather to warm up so he can spend even more time on his lawn.

"I kind of enjoy that, I just get out and exercise a little bit in the morning," Chaplin said. "You go back and have your cup of coffee and think about it, come back out and do plenty more work.â??

When summer arrives, remember to raise your lawn mowers blades 3 to 4 inches.

Matt Walbring said this will help relieve stress on your grass.