UPDATE: Owner of dogs who attacked Quincy man located

Blood stains the back porch of Bill Arnold's house where he and his dog Duke were bitten by two loose dogs. 

UPDATE: Quincy Police confirm the owner of the dogs has been located and cited.

Carol Franklin, the owner of the dogs, was cited for two counts of animals running at large and one count of rabies control violation.

One dog did not have a rabies vaccination and was taken by Quincy Animal Control and quarantined at Western Illinois Animal Clinic.


At 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday night, 84-year-old Bill Arnold did what he always does—took his dog Duke outside to go to the bathroom.

"I let him out and I went to get him. I give him ten minutes and I went out to get him and I hear growling and I thought he got a hold of a possum," Arnold said.

That was when Bill said he noticed two loose dogs fighting Duke. When he tried to break them apart with a shovel, Bill says he tripped and fell.

"One of the dogs went for his leg and he thought that they thought he was the dog and he called 911 for help and he told them he needed help and they said they were busy with other calls," said Tammy Long, Arnold’s daughter.
"I said 'lady I need help!' Well we're busy with other calls. She said do you need an ambulance I said 'no I don't need an ambulance I need someone to break these dogs up but I am bleeding real bad.' I had it all over the kitchen and she said no we're busy with other calls," Arnold exclaimed.

In a statement released from Adams County 911:

At 10:04 p.m. a caller requested police and stated he and his dog were attacked by two other dogs. Quincy Police were tied up with other high priority calls and the caller declined an ambulance twice and stated he would go to the E.R. At 10:32 p.m. an officer did arrive at the scene.

Eventually the dogs ran back to who Bill assumes was their owner. One of Bill's daughters ended up taking him to the hospital. She says Bill's foot and knee suffered deep bite wounds.

"And it could've really hurt him bad. It's bad but it could've been a lot worse," Long said.

Bill says he hopes people will learn from his experience and will not let their dogs run loose.

Quincy Animal Control and Quincy Police Officers have searched the area of 7th and Ohio St. multiple times and have been unable to locate the dogs.

The two dogs were described in a news release from police as medium to large of unknown breed. One dog was brown and the other was light tan in color.

If you have any information, call the Adams County 911 Non-Emergency number at 217-222-9360.

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