Quincy Kroc Center host cross country cyclist with a cause

What would you do for a worthy cause? Would you leave the comforts of home and travel cross country by bike?

You would if you were Indiana native Bill Bihlman.

His visit to the Quincy Kroc Center was one of the seven such stops he is making on a 4,000 mile long cross country journey.

He says it's both the cause and the challenge that make the journey worthwhile.

Around 4:30 Thursday afternoon Bill Bihlman rode into Quincy.

Waving his arm in a victory salute he arrived at the 4th of seven Kroc Center stops on his cross country tour.

Bill used another Kroc Center to begin training for his trip.

He also is "

Riding for Hope

" to raise money for an Indianapolis women's shelter called

The O'Connor House

which houses unwed mothers with crisis pregnancies and their children.

"I think these two organizations kind of encapsulate my values. They're good christian organizations. They work to better the community and they're just surrounded by good people," he said.

Bill says traveling alone along the highways and byways of the nation has taught him some very important lessons about persistence, humility and staying focused.

"You have to battle yourself when you're on the road . Sometimes you're eight hours in the saddle, which is the seat, which can be very difficult. But it's been fantastic," Bihlman said.

Bill says that as a Catholic he has used the solitude of the road to deepen his personal relationship with God.

"My faith is very important to me and that's part of the reason why I don't listen to music. It gives me an opportunity to kind of reflect. I pray, spend most of the time praying . One I think to get closer to God and two to break the monotony of the ride," Bihlman said.

Arriving at the

Quincy Kroc Center

Bill was ready for a massage, a good meal and a good night's sleep, but he had this final, simple piece of advice for anyone considering taking on a major challenge in their lives.

"Anything is possible. I think that's the whole idea. What you put your mind to you can accomplish," he said.

Bill Bihlman started his eight week trip in California and will end it in Virginia in less than four weeks.

Along the way he hopes to raise 20 thousand dollars to support the O'Connor House.