Quincy Junior High students earn money for school by recycling

Paper gator

Happening Wednesday, Quincy Junior High students weigh in on the importance of recycling.

It's all part of the school's Paper Gator initiative.

Tri-State residents were able to drop off recyclable items and help earn money for the school.

The 8th grade class is setting a strong example for other students to follow.

"This is my last year here and it'll be here after I leave, hopefully it'll stay here for years to come," said student James Howe.
"We waste a lot of paper at this school, so this way we're not harming the environment," said student Emma Lowe.
"It's just a win-win situation. We are helping our environment and helping our school, and it's great," said student Clare Beck.

Eighth grade teacher Mrs. Walker says it's a great way to empower the next generation to take up a 'green' initiative.

"Empowering our students to demonstrate their leadership skills is only going to help them succeed and give them the tools they need to be a productive and contributing member of society in Adams County," said Walker.

Walker says she plans to continue the program for years to come.

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