Quincy hotel behind on taxes again

The Country Comfort Inn and Suites is back in default with hotel motel tax that's due to the city.

The city takes a small chunk of that money and then sends the rest to the tourism department and Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Mayor John Spring says the hotel owes more than eleven thousand dollars in taxes from October, November, and December.

KHQA spoke with Mike Hill, who is the hotel's owner.

He says the reason the bill hasn't been paid is because he's still owed 12 thousand dollars from the state of Illinois.

That money is for stays by government officials.

Hill says since he hasn't gotten the money from the state, he can't pay the city that money.

"It is not the first time we've had this problem with this hotel and its owner/operator. They've always been able to satisfy what they owe, but what's fair is fair. The other hotels and motels pay their hotel motel tax," says John Spring.

Mike Hill told KHQA he plans to pay the taxes including late fees and interest.

In the meantime, a demand letter has been sent by the city Treasurer asking for the amount to be paid by January 31st.

Just as a side note, Mayor Spring has not issued a liquor license to the hotel for 2011.