Quincy hosts annual Dogwood Festival

Quincy hosts its annual Dogwood Festival

If you were in Quincy Saturday, chances are you stopped by the annual Dogwood Festival.

Saturday a large parade on Maine Street led to a fun day of activities in Washington Park.

Hundreds of Quincy residents came together to watch the parade and share each other's company.

It's an event many people look forward to every year.

"The Dogwood Festival is kind of the entrance to Spring here in Quincy," Quincy resident Marie Ashmore said. "It's where we have the parade and everyone is in the parade. And the children and the families all come out for the festivities and carnival."

It all begins with the parade that starts at 24th and Maine Street and ends in Washington Park.

"It's kind of fun to be watching and waving at the people that you know and you want to support," Ashmore said.

Many people come to the parade to watch all of the local businesses, community groups and school's floats pass by.

"It's just a chance to get out and see different organizations and what they have going on," Quincy resident Jeanne Cheyne said.

"Just watching the parade and the grand kids are looking forward to the fire trucks and all of that kind of stuff," Dogwood Parade attendee Debbie Fleer said.

"I think you have a feeling of belonging because you usually know people in different, either the bands or some of the floats or some of your church things and stuff," Ashmore said.

At the festival, dozens of fun activities and amusement rides await anyone who attends.

"There's childrens' rides over here for the smaller ones, and then the rides on that side seem to be the ones that the larger kids that are not so frightened can ride," Ashmore said. "And of course, they have all of the vendors with the food products and the special crafts and stuff to sell in the middle here."

For some people, it's an opportunity to catch up with friends.

"I think the people like coming out just to see one another," Ashmore said. "I've bumped into and visited with probably a dozen people that I rarely see."

Already, some people are excited to attend next year's festival and parade.

"Probably, at least as long as we're dragging grandchildren down," Ashmore said.

The Dogwood Festival continues Sunday in Washington Park from noon to 4 p.m.