Quincy has a new mayor

Republican Kyle Moore

Quincy has a new mayor Tuesday night.

With an estimated 30 percent turnout, voters in Quincy elected Kyle Moore as the mayor of Quincy by a narrow margin.

Of Adams County's 45,592 registered voters, 13,883 cast their votes in this election.

Of those who voted for a candidate in the mayoral race, Republican Kyle Moore took in 4,883 votes while Democrat John Spring took in 3,699 votes.

Mayor John Spring may have lost the mayoral race, but he says he isn't worried about the next step. He says he hasn't decided what he will do, but it may be similar to what he did before his two terms as Quincy Mayor.

Spring arrived at his campaign headquarters and gave a speech to all of his supporters. He thanked everyone who helped him get to where he is today. Spring says he is proud that he ran a positive campaign every election he participated in.

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