Quincy gym holds challenging event to honor veterans

Quincy gym holds challenging event to honor veterans

The QTown CrossFit in Quincy held an event to raise money for veterans Saturday.

It's a challenge to complete 12 intense workouts over the course of 12 hours.

Christine Williams and Mike Davis spend a lot of time at the gym.

Both are coaches who look for new ways to push themselves.

"I think whenever you can get a group of people together, whereas whether it's here or anywhere else and it doesn't just have to be exercise, Davis said. There are so many different ways a group of people can come together and make a difference.

In order to inspire their clients and honor the men and woman who protect our country, they decided to put together a special event.

"We wanted to continue Memorial Day, Williams said. We want to basically give back to all of our military. They do so much for us, the fallen soldiers, the current members and the veterans."

"Every workout that we're doing today is named after a fallen military member," Davis said.

It's a series of extreme work out challenges.

"Basically we picked specific workouts that are already named, Williams said. That are already made up from the CrossFit website and we're doing one on the hour, every hour for 12 hours."

Some of the workouts include; lifting weights, pull-ups and running.

And they're even letting their members participate in the event.

We TMre limiting our members to a specific two or three and they're doing buddy workouts, Williams said. So we're making sure everybody is safe."

Williams and Davis say this event's main purpose is to remind everyone of the hard challenges our soldiers face every day.

What we TMre doing is very small and very insignificant compared to what our military are doing for us right now, Davis said.

"The main point is just as we're doing these workouts, we're you know, fighting through are tiredness and thinking about our fallen soldiers, Williams said. And every workout that we're doing, everyone's donating a minimum five dollars to these workouts and they're going to; two different memorial funds.

Some of the proceeds from Saturday TMs event were given to the family of a soldier who died in Afghanistan.

The remaining proceeds were given to Celie Koetters, who will use the money to send care packages to active duty Navy soldiers.

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