Quincy gets resident's thoughts on new city-wide strategic plan

Quincy took the next step toward planning for the next 50 years – getting community feedback on developing a new strategic plan.

Quincy took the next step toward planning for the next 50 years – getting community feedback on developing a new strategic plan.

It was just January 2016 when the Gem City rebranded itself with the "Right On Q" campaign.

Quincy residents Ryan and Kimber Stark are local business owners and future parents. This married couple spent date night in a two-hour meeting to learn about regional city's success stories.

I walk away with hope honestly because we love Quincy but there are things we would like to change about it," Kimber Stark said.

The last time Quincy made a comprehensive strategic plan was 20 years ago. The Teska Plan was a vision only for the downtown area.

Strategic Plan Facilitator Maggie Strong said Thursday night what this new plan encompasses.

When you think about the internet and what has changed in 20 years, it's a lifetime and we're seeing that change accelerate."

This new plan is for all of Quincy. It includes:

  1. tourism growth
  2. transportation
  3. downtown and riverfront development.
  4. incentivizing business development
What are some actual strategies that we can do to help us live out our brand and who we are and be a community that gets right on Q,” Strong added.

Business incentives is a top priority for Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore. He told KHQA the city's current incentives are 30 years out of date.

When we go to recruit a new business is a loan program,” Moore explained. “Well now you can get low interest loans and many commercial banks so that's not as competitive as it was in the 80's with double digit interest rates."

This new development is an effort between 180 Quincy stake holders and St. Louis based Development Strategies. Research indicates Quincy will generate 540 million dollars in revenue over the next 10 years A representative says that won't happen unless young people migrate downtown

There are people who will move down in advance of amenities. Once you get the rooftops you'll get the business," Development Strategies Representative, Matthew Welti said.

The Starks agree because for the Gem City to thrive, it needs young people and young families to be “Right on Q.”

"Make the residents and younger generation feel like they have something to do, that Quincy is their home."

Now if you missed Thursday night’s meeting, there is still opportunity for you to get your two cents in. The task force will have a survey up on once feedback from the meeting is evaluated.

"Quincy is the place where people go the extra mile. for each other,” Strong shared. “I think we have a lot of great asset, quality of life, living. Hoping we discover more of that, be proud of that, and share it with others."

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