Quincy firefighters respond to Newcomb Hotel

Quincy firefighters are still watching the remains of the Newcomb Hotel after the Friday night blaze.

Quincy's fire chief said Saturday that the fire that destroyed the Newcomb Hotel is suspicious.

A cause of the fire won't be known for days, but Chief Joe Henning said that there was no electricity to the building effectively ruling out the possibility of an accidental fire.

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Quincy firefighters are still watching the remains of the Newcomb Hotel after the Friday night blaze.

The five-alarm fire broke out at the Newcomb Hotel at approximately 8:45 p.m. Friday.

Quincy Fire Department Chief Joe Henning and Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore held the press conference Saturday morning to let the public know that there were no fatalities in the fire.

Chief Henning says there's still no known cause of fire and he said he's not sure where the fire started. He said one witness first reported the fire on the second floor, but that could have been the third floor ... it is unclear at this time.

According to Chief Henning, crews are in the process of setting up fencing. He asks onlookers to respect the barriers.

Mayor Kyle Moore says that traffic will remain blocked at fourth street until the appropriate barriers are put up and the area is not a hazard.

Moore moved on to explained that knocking out the fourth and fifth floors is a high priority.

Moore says that the city of Quincy is working on contacting building owners today. The goal is to have a crew with a crane come in as soon as possible to take down the top stories of what remains of the building. There is no timeline, but he used the term "ASAP" when asked about the plan.

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Just after 10 p.m., the fire was seemingly contained to the east side of the building where there are three stories, but then the fire spread to the west side of the building and into the five story section.

Eyewitness Geoffrey Fletcher was just leaving work when he saw smoke, "I started seeing smoke in the second story, four rooms from the edge. People were calling 911 and I ran back in and called my boss. I told him about the fire so they evacuated Fitz's and then three fire trucks came. I came around the other side and the back was just on fire."

The building is a total loss and firefighters are still on scene after fighting it all night long.

Thirty firefighters responded to the blaze.

Crews evacuated the Lincoln Douglas Apartments near the Newcomb Hotel, because the smell of smoke. Residents were taken to the Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center at 639 York by city bus. The American Red Cross asks that family and friends visit to reach their loved ones.

There was no damage to the Lincoln Douglas Apartments, but smoke did get into the building.

"If they're in the area, if they could stay back as far as they can," Mayor Kyle Moore asked onlookers Friday night. "There is a lot of smoke in the area, especially on the west side of town. You know, we're trying our best to evacuate the Lincoln Douglas apartments right now."

Moore would like people to stay in an area designated in Washington Park.

"Right now we're just concerned with containing the fire and certainly hope there is no loss of life here," Mayor Moore explained.

Stay with us for more details regarding the fire that affected so much of downtown Quincy and the community.

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