Quincy Fire Department responds to simulated fire downtown

Within an hour of the drill, firefighters are taking to the roof of the theatre. / KHQA's Brooke Hasch

The Washington Theatre in Quincy became a hot spot for firefighters Tuesday evening.

Crews on shift at 7 o'clock responded to a simulated fire drill in the basement of the theatre. Firefighters worked together to extinguish the fire, rescue a known victim and manage a mayday situation involving a lost firefighter.

The drill lasted about three hours as one engine after another arrived on scene. These drills shouldn't come as a surprise to the crew, but the location itself serves as it's own obstacle.

"It's an unfamiliar location. When we use our training grounds, everybody's real familiar with that location, so it's nice to get out where we're not so familiar with that, and it just hones our skills and makes us more aware of what could potentially happen," said Steve Salrin, Quincy's deputy fire chief.

These drills will continue throughout Wednesday and Thursday to ensure all firefighters take part.

The Quincy Fire Department is required to hold these night drills at least twice a year. Last year, crews participated in a Hazmat operation for a rail cart incident along the tracks.