Quincy Family YMCA looking to lead health change

35% of kids in Quincy are considered obese and the Quincy Family YMCA will be putting together a plan to bring that number down.

It's part of the YMCA of the USA's Pioneering Health Communities initiative.

The Quincy Y will be getting grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to send people from the community to training in Washington D.C.

After two training sessions those people will put together a plan to bring healthy change to Quincy and surrounding areas.

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"We're really going to be focused on what changes can be made at the policy and the environmental level in our community in order to help the kids reduce their weight," said Quincy Family YMCA CEO Mark Siegelhoff

The Quincy Family YMCA was one of only 16 YMCA's in the midwest to be chosen to take part in this initiative.