Quincy family pedals for the pantry

A Quincy man and his two sons are home after a long journey across the state of Illinois in just a week's time.

Mark Wiewel and his two sons pedaled almost 400 miles, on bicycles in an effort to raise money for area food pantries.

"We wear an 85 sun block, because you're in the sun for 8 hours. It's lot of fun. Love doing it for food pantries and I'm a big guy. I like to eat, so basically, of all the causes we could do it for, the food pantry is something that really helps out the people in this area," Wiewel said.

This isn't a first for the trio. The 8th Annual Western Catholic Union's Bike for Food fundraiser began on June 9th.

The family hoped to raise $20,000 for ten Tri-State food pantries and even now continue to receive donations.

The number of food pantries on the list went from four to ten in the last 8 years.

To date, the Wiewel family has pedaled for a total of $92 thousand dollars in donations to stock the pantry shelves.

You can make a monetary or food donation to your local food bank in the Wiewell name. Just write the word, bike, on your donations.