Quincy family mourns death of boy found unresponsive in bathtub

Quincy family mourns death of boy found unresponsive in bathtub

A Quincy family mourns the death of a boy who drowned in the bathtub of his Kansas City home this week.

Audrick Warren, 8, was found unresponsive at 11 a.m. this past Tuesday.

About an hour before that, Kansas City police say his mother, 27-year-old Aushena Warren, jumped from the Bond Bridge.

A fire department rescue team were training nearby and were able to rescue the Quincy native.

She survived the 80-foot fall.

Kansas City police say the boy's death and his mother's jump from the bridge are related, but they're not releasing any other details at this time.

Now the family of all those involved is trying to come together to grieve.

Eddie E.L. Warren is a bishop at the Cathedral of Worship church in Quincy. He and his family are leaning on their faith more than ever this week.

"We're not blaming anyone," Warren said. "We love God more today than yesterday. He is helping us through."

Bishop Warren received a call from his son Tuesday morning shortly before noon.

"He began to say, 'dad, I came home' because the 6 1/2-year-old FaceTimed him and said, 'hey dad, I can't find mom,'" Warren explained. "He left his job, came home and found my 8 1/2-year-old grandson in the tub on his side."

Warren said he's trying to be strong for his family but is grieving at the same time.

"I'm still dealing with it," he said. "That's my grandson. That's my son, and when I see him have his moments where he breaks into tears, it just rips a hole in me. I don't ever want anyone to ever have to go through this."

There are a lot of questions about what exactly transpired Tuesday morning. Warren hopes his family's tragedy will spotlight mental illness and the need to treat it properly.

"Some cases are beyond our skill set in the church. We're great spiritual people, but sometimes, we don't possess the professional skills to prescribe lose-dose medication and the things that could help people battling mental illness to balance and to live some semblance of life. If anything, it is our hope that no one feels so desperate that they need to take their own life. We can get through anything if we unify and become family."

"We want all of these matters, my grandson's death and his mother's attempted suicide, we would like to use that as a platform to bring awareness to mental health and mental illness."

Audrick Warren attended school in Quincy before his parents and younger brother moved to Kansas City more than a year ago.

His body will be transported to Quincy on Friday now that an autopsy is complete.

The Warren family is in the process of making funeral arrangements.

Bishop Warren says there will be a private funeral for immediate family members and a public one for the community.

He asks the community for prayers *and* to respect the family's privacy during their time of grief.

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