Quincy family looks for pit bull that attacked boy

A Quincy family wants to prevent what happened to them from happening to someone else.

A Sunday afternoon turned out to be anything but lazy for one 4-year-old boy and his family.

April Walker was taking a friend home at 5th and Sycamore in Quincy.

Her 4-year-old son, Jacob, hopped out of her van when a pit bull came around a house and attacked him out of the blue.

Four-year-old Jacob Walker has 16 to 17 stitches in his face from Sunday's dog attack.

"He just started growling. I was arm-length away from Jacob. No sooner I look back at Jacob, the dog came running at me. It went right through my legs, had Jacob down on the ground. I was trying to grab Jacob and get him away from the dog. I kicked him. I grabbed Jacob in my arms. I threw him over my shoulder. The dog was still trying to grab at him. At that point when he was still trying to grab at him, the indoor was still open, so I put Jacob in the van. I jumped in right behind him, and I shut the van door. I hopped into the driver's seat, and I took Jacob straight to the ER," April Walker said.

Jacob's mother, April, said the dog was running around loose. She said she's not sure what made the dog go after Jacob and not her.

"There was no one else around. Jacob wasn't doing anything. He had just gotten out of the van. I was coming right behind him," she said. "We weren't doing anything to upset this dog, period."

Now, April and her mother, Becky, are looking for the dog, which hasn't been seen since.

"I want people to understand that they need to watch their kids. This dog is still at large. It needs to come off the streets. We need to find it," Becky Fortney said.

Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer told KHQA his department has conducted interviews in the area where the attack happened, but hasn't had any luck locating the dog.

It's described as a pit bull with a white head, tail and legs. It's brindle on its ribs, back and stomach.

Anyone with any information is asked not to come into contact with the dog, but call the Adams County tip line at 214-5000 or dial 9-1-1 if it's an emergency.