Quincy experiences an out of this world presentation

A presentation in Quincy spoke on UFO sightings.

The city of Quincy had the opportunity to hear a presentation Saturday afternoon on UFOs.

The presentation was out of the Mutual UFO Network of Illinois.

Sam Maranto of the MUFON thinks it's okay to be skeptical about UFOs.

"Everybody seems to formulate opinions on the subject matter, but to do so with information. Not every light in the sky is a UFO, some may very well be. And not every UFO is of unusual or alien or extra terrestrial origin," Maranto said.

He says his presentation wasn't to convince people of anything, but to remind them "to think."

"Don't be a believer. In other words take someone on faith, do your own research. In other words, have an intellectual, concrete, formulated, opinion, if you're going to have an opinion, maybe just keep it open," Maranto said.

Some participants, like retired neurochemist Jo Anne Scarpeloini, have had several UFO experiences.

"I've been fortunate enough to see one very, very large triangles. And they do exist. I've seen cylinder shaped ones, I've seen ... I don't know what shape, but brilliant lights rotating and appeared to be disc shaped," Scarpeloini said.

She believes it's important to not try and hide these incidents.

"Fortunately, I have not had the opportunity to talk directly to someone who's covered it up. I'm afraid if I did, I'd become very impolite, because I know that these things do exist," Scarpeloini said.

The presentation also gave participants the opportunity to ask questions about the investigations that Sam Maranto has conducted.