Quincy electrical aggregation plans moving forward

On Monday night, the Quincy City Council approved an ordinance that sets up the formal rules and procedures for electrical aggregation.

The next step is for the city, along with consultant SIMEC, to solicit bids from potential electricity providers.

Mayor Spring says once a provider is chosen you won't have to worry about your electricity rate going up for 18 months.

"Let's just speculate that we can get something in the low 4's per kilowatt hour, 4 cents, we'll lock that in and it won't fluctuate at all. That's what we'll hope for when we get the requests for proposals out there, which will be going out shortly. We'll begin to see what kind of results we get and then quickly we'll lock in a price and we'll go from there," Spring said.

The formal ordinance also lays out the steps to opt out of the program.

Mayor Spring hopes residents will see a significant change in their electric bill by January or February.