Quincy domestic standoff ends peacefully

William Rodney Mason, 31 of Quincy

UPDATED: January 20 at 6:10 a.m.

A Quincy man is behind bars Friday morning after a stand-off with police Thursday night.

Police responded to 1804 Adams for a domestic dispute between 31-year-old William Rodney Mason and a woman.

The woman escaped the home, but Mason ignored officer's requests to surrender.

He was holed up in the home for several hours before the department's tactical team forced their way into the house.

Mason was arrested and is now in the Adam's County Jail awaiting charges of Unlawful Restraint.


UPDATED: January 19 at 11 p.m.

Quincy police say 31-year-old William R. "Rodney" Mason was taken to the Adam's Coutny Jail for an unlawful restraint warrant.


UPDATED: January 19 at 10:07 p.m.

A domestic disturbance has ended peacefully in Quincy Thursday night.

Quincy police cordoned off streets and alleys near 18th and Adams.

The female victim made it out safely, but the Quincy Police Department spent several hours trying to get the male suspect to come out.

Officers finally were able to do just that thanks to the department's tactical team charging into the house.

Members of Quincy Police Department's tactical response team forcing their way into a home near 18th and Adams Thursday night. The area was cordoned off for several hours. Patrol Sgt. Daniel Duhamel said a domestic dispute between a man and a woman started earlier in the day and came to a head at 3:30 p.m.

Duhamel said, "All I can say is the subject's been taken into custody. He went peacefully, surrendered at the front door. The information we received is that he was possibly armed with a weapon, possibly a firearm. In these situations, we have to make a tactical entry. We don't want to just go right in because we could put unnecessary people at risk of harm."

Duhamel isn't sure if the suspect was actually armed, but the department did not take any chances.

He said, "He refused to come out, and we're not going to just go in there blindly with someone who might have a weapon."

The incident had a lot of residents in the area watching from a distance.

Have you ever experienced something like this in your neighborhood?

Shelby Boyer said, "No. I thought it was a pretty safe neighborhood 'til just now.

The Adams County Sheriff's Department's K-9 unit also responded to the incident. No one was hurt.


KHQA's Rajah Maples has just returned from the scene of a situation involving Quincy Police in the 1800 block of Adams.

Streets and alleys are blocked off between 18th and 20th on Adams. One resident told KHQA that police began blocking off the streets around 4:30 this afternoon and approached a house with rifles drawn.

Multiple police cars and the Emergency Response Team was also on the scene.

Reporters were told to back across the other side of the streets because they were potentially in the line of fire.

QPD Chief Rob Copley describes the situation as a domestic dispute. The victim was out of the house by 7:30 and the suspect came out after being ordered to do so by the approaching emergency response team.

The victim told police the suspect was armed, but no one was hurt during the incident.

Tune in to KHQA's Late News for more information and video of the police entering the home.