Quincy debates smoking ban

The Coalition for a Smoke-Free Quincy held a public forum Wednesday night to hear community's opinions about a proposed smoking ban. About a dozen people stepped up to the podium to express their views, both for and against the proposal.

Some bar owners are concerned that the ban would mean closing their doors. Others would like to see a happy medium, one example being for businesses to post a sign stating whether or not they're smoke-free. And those for the ban say it's their right to breathe clean air.

April Bailey is with the American Lung Association in Springfield, a city that's already enforced a smoking ban. She says the city's businesses have not suffered as a result.

"It has a mutually positive economic effect. What we've seen with businesses is either no effect or a positive one. Putting this into effect would show Quincy is a leader in the area and it would show they care about the health of their residents," Bailey said.

Bailey says that's because the 80 percent of people who don't smoke are more likely to visit former smoke-friendly businesses if a ban passes.