Quincy daycare investigation launched after baby reported in hot van

A Quincy daycare provider is under investigation after allegedly leaving a baby unattended in a van for 30 minutes on Thursday.

According to the Quincy Police Department, the 1-year-old girl was found left in a van at an daycare provider at about 3:50 p.m.

When the mother came to pick up her daughter, she asked where she was and a woman at the center then realized that the child was still in the van after she had taken some of the children out to run errands, Lt. Jason Simmons with QPD said.

Lt. Simmons said that the woman told police she must have forgotten the child because there were so many other kids that went with her.

The child's mother immediately took her to the Emergency Room at Blessing Hospital where it was thought that she was suffering from dehydration, Lt. Simmons said.

Police said that she was released Friday morning and is ok.

According to Lt. Simmons, the child is thought to have been in the van for 30 minutes and the windows were "somewhat down."

"Given the temperature that was approximately 90 degrees yesterday, the fact that a child was left in a vehicle that the windows were down somewhat, but again, it's a very, very serious situation when something like this occurs," Lt. Simmons said.

As of Friday, there are no criminal charges being filed against the daycare provider, but the incident is under investigation with Child Protective Services.

The name of the child has not been released since the case is still under investigation.

Unless charges are filed, KHQA is not releasing the name of the daycare provider.

KHQA attempted to make contact with the daycare, but no one was available.

Story by KHQA Multimedia Journalist Lauren Kalil.