Quincy Cub Scouts take on Christmas tree pick-ups

Quincy Cub Scouts helped dispose of old Christmas trees Saturday morning while helping out a good cause.

The annual Christmas Tree Pick-up has been a tradition in the Quincy area for more than 20 years.

Cub Scouts from pack one at Blessed Sacrament Elementary School rounded up more than a hundred trees, most of which included a ten dollar donation. That money will benefit the pack's future Cub Scout projects as well as Boy Scout Troop 25, which is a troop for mentally and physically challenged children.

"We are picking up Christmas trees so we can go camping and do fun stuff like that," Cub Scout Wilson Henning said.

"The money is used to support programs such as camping with the cub scouts and with the boy scout group we use it to do an annual cookout, take them bowling and do some things like that. So it is our only fundraiser for that group," Quincy Fire Chief Joe Henning said.

Henning works with both the Boy Scout troop and the Cub Scout pack.

"It teaches a little civic responsibility and some conservation-minded stuff, because all of the trees we pick up, we take down to Evans recycling and they take a lot of these over to Mark Twain Lake and they sink them for fish habitats and things like that, so we are teaching our cub scouts about recycling in a green mode," Henning said.

This year, the scouts saw less trees than in years past. This year they picked up 113 trees. Eight groups made the pick-ups.

"It's a little bit down, but we are starting to see more and more people get artificial trees which is certainly fine, but the people that do support us are very generous and we do okay," Henning said.

Mark Twain Lake is a community that heavily benefits from this Christmas tree recycling program.

Trees will be collected at the John Spaulding Boat Ramp until the end of the month. The trees get bundled together and then sink to the bottom of Mark Twain Lake where they will make for underwater fish habitats.

The recycling program does not accept artificial or flocked trees. Anyone wishing to volunteer or more information on the program can contact Brad Stamp at the Mark Twain Lake Project Office at (573) 735-4097.

To sign up for next year's Christmas Tree Pick-up, you can call (217) 222-6247 and ask for your house to be added to the list.