Quincy council votes against hydropower commission

There will be no commission formed to study hydropower for the City of Quincy.

Mayor Kyle Moore broke that tie with a "no" vote after discussion at Monday night's City Council meeting.

If it passed, the committee would have evaluated a request to sign a letter of intent to enter into negotiations with Coastal Hydropower, an Alberta Canada-based company. The committee would have consisted of Ross Centanni, William Metzinger, Marcel Wagner, retired Judge Mark Schuering and Phil Conover.

The city is considering turning Lock and Dam 24 and 25 into hydropower locations.

Alderman Dan Brink submitted the resolution.

"I worked with another alderman to put this commission together," he said. "The fundamental question that I want this commission to answer is will it not put any citizens at risk and will it not cause any additional tax dollars for the letter of intent."

Not everyone was on board with that idea.

"As a basic principle, the government should not be creating an environment for private business to thrive and not competing with it," 3rd Ward Alderman Jared Holbrook said. "Our city government's role should not include being in the business of selling and/or developing energy. We should let energy companies take those risks, realize those profits and create those jobs."

The Quincy City Council is expected to vote on a letter of intent for hydropower in two weeks.