Quincy council tables vote on township budget for one more week

The Quincy City Council decided to wait one more week before voting on a proposed increase to the Quincy Township Budget.

Last week Township Supervisor Cindy Brink proposed a 34 percent increase to the budget.

She explained to the Council that the township was running out of funds because of increased costs in other areas.

The proposal was voted down and sent back to committee for another review.

Third Ward Alderman Jared Holbrook says the Township is in a difficult position because one way or another these state mandated programs have to be funded.

"We're losing money from the state that's used to fund some of these state mandated programs. And the problem is if we keep cutting the budget and we don't fund this office, they will borrow the money and it will cost the taxpayers more money," Holbrook said.

The clock is ticking. The deadline to pass the budget is June 20th.