Quincy council breaks in new iPads

The Quincy city council stepped into a paperless future at Monday's city council meeting. All 14 alderman now have new iPads.

In June the council voted to spend more than five thousand dollars for the computers.

Alderman Mike Farha says the new computers will save the city more than 25-thousand dollars over the next two years alone.

Those savings will come from reduced paper costs, man hours and most importantly, efficiency and connectivity.

"It gets us more connected in terms of documentation with all the department heads. It gives us instant access when we're out looking at sidewalks or trees or any kind of situation with the camera that's on the iPad. And it gives them the ability, all the department heads, to communicate with us important documentation in a way that we weren't connected before," Farha said.

The department heads and the Mayor will also get new iPads.

Farha says that once everyone is interconnected, the savings could be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

In other business, the council approved a reduction in water rates for the Quincy Humane Society under a special city provision for non-profit groups.

The agency has a high water consumption rate because of cage cleaning and other duties.