Quincy council approves traffic detection cameras

The Quincy city council waived the normal bidding process and approved the purchase of two vehicle detection cameras.

The cameras can sense when a vehicle approaches a given intersection and will manage the lights so the traffic flows smoothly.

The new cameras will replace old ones at the intersections of 36th and Broadway and 24th and Koch's Lane.

Quincy Project Manager Martin Wagner says these new cameras are vital to making both of these high traffic areas run as efficiently as possible.

Right now both intersections have fixed times when the light are set to change.

"It lets the maximum number of vehicles through per cycle. And if other vehicles are approaching from the side intersections, it gives the signal quicker than what it would, once again, on a fixed cycle," Wagner said.

The total cost for the cameras is $47,000.

Because both Broadway and 24th are state routes, the city will be reimbursed 50% of the cost for the Broadway cameras and 50% of the costs for the 24th street cameras from the state of Illinois.