Quincy Council approves R.L. Brink Construction for asphalt project

Tuesday night the Quincy City Council approved awarding a contract for an asphalt maintenance project to R.L. Brink Construction.

The company recently was suspended from bidding on any project that needs approval from the Illinois Department of Transportation.

But there are some exceptions to that and the Capital project to asphalt about six blocks of Quincy streets and alleyways falls under one of those exceptions.

We asked Quincy City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp to explain why this project does not fall under the rules of the IDOT suspension.

"This is really not involved in that because this does not use any MFT or Motor Fuel Tax money. So what's gonna happen tonight ... this is a capital budget project. It's capital money from the city," he said. "There's not IDOT or MFT money involved so it is allowed to go ahead and proceed and award the contract to Brink."

Steinkamp says that Brink was also allowed to finish the Safe Routes to School project on Maine Street after the city applied and received and exception from IDOT.

Another project has been put on hold and is under review by the city's legal department.

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