Quincy Council approves new lighting near Quincy University

One more step to increase safety around Quincy University was approved by the Quincy City Council Monday night.

The council approved the upgraded lighting at the intersections of 18th and 20th on Chestnut, 18th and Lind and 18th and Elm.

Four 100 watt street lights were replaced with five 250 watt lights.

City engineer Jeff Steinkamp says that lights are designed to shine downward and not outward.

But if neighbors in the area think there is too much light coming into their homes or on their property all they have to do is contact the city.

"We can shield the lights to keep the cast more downward than out towards a room our house or front porch. We can work with the neighbors. We've done that in the past. We'll go to them and put a shield on it if we need to to help them out," Steinkamp said.

The City Council also agreed to table the plan to put a 4-way stop at the intersection of Front and Hampshire until 45 days before the opening of the proposed business in the home of the former Backwaters night club.