Quincy council approves legal and city comptroller appointments

The Quincy City council

approved the appointments of a new legal team and a new city comptroller Monday night.

Those appointments include: Lonnie Dunn as Corporation Counsel, Bruce Alford as Assistant Corporation Counsel, Ryan Schnack as City Attorney and Sheri Ray as Comptroller.

The appointments had been tabled for one week to give the alderman more time to hear from their constituents and to consider their votes.

For newly appointed Mayor Kyle Moore getting these people in place is one more step to getting the city moving in the direction of his vision.

"I'm really happy that Sheri Ray and Jim Murphy talked to their staffs and they were able to absorb a full time position. And that with these appointments of our legal team and our Comptroller, we were able to save 84 thousand dollars this budget year," Moore said.

The lone dissenting vote belonged to

2nd ward alderman Steve Duesterhaus


He said he based his vote on the feedback that he got from his constituents.

"I had been getting quite a bit of feedback, negative feedback on one of the individuals that just prevented me from casting an "aye" vote for the slate that was presented to us," Duesterhaus said.

Mayor Moore says that there are still two jobs that need to be filled, the Director of Administrative Service and an executive assistant position.

Both jobs are posted online.