Quincy Council approves crosswalk for Cedar Creek trail

The Council approved a recommendation by the Traffic Commission to install a crosswalk at North 5th Street.

That location is just north of the bridge over Cedar Creek.

The crosswalk is part of the long range plan for the Cedar Creek trail.

Interim City Engineer Martin Wagner says that right now the trail runs from 12th Street to 8th Street. But the plan is to extend that length.

"The plan is to get that from 12th street down to 5th street," interim City Engineer Martin Wagner said. "And we want to put parking on the west side of 5th street and allow pedestrians to cross over by the bridge to get down to the trail."

The cost for the project has not been determined.

A moment of silence was also observed before the beginning of tonight's Quincy City Council meeting to remember those 19 firefighters that were lost.

Quincy Fire Chief Joe Henning requested the moment from Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore.

Chief Henning says there is a special brotherhood that exists between firefighters no matter where they serve.

"First thing that went through my mind was the families," Quincy Fire Chief Joe Henning said. "As a fire chief I hope that the day never comes when I have to go knocking on a family's door and share that information. And the thought of the fire chief and the families that have to receive that information, it just tugs at your heart strings. So we need to all just kind of lift ourselves up to prayer and let them know we are thinking of them."

The city council also approved the appointments of Vicki Ebbing to the Preservation Commission, Glenda Hackemack to the Plan Commission and Jane Flachs and Ian Haslem to the Sister City Commission.