Quincy council approves bike helmet purchase

Five hundred kids in Quincy and Adams County will get new bike helmets.

On Monday night the Quincy city council approved using $3,125 of the $100,000 from the Safe Routes to School grant for the purchase.

The grant is divided up with $60,000 going to equipment and $40,000 to promotion.

City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer says that although this the most creative way the city has decided to use the money, it does go along with safe routes improvements that have already been made.

"Just like when we worked on the infrastructure projects out on Maine street between 30th and 36th, we made it safer for kids to go to school. This is an extension of that. In this case we're actually working with, partnering with the Safe Kids Coalition to provide helmets for kids who hopefully will be using them to get to school as well," he said.

Safe Kids Adams County which will be in charge of distributing the helmets.