Quincy Concert Band is back in season

The Quincy Concert Band brings in people with all sorts of musical talents.

Music is something that touches many people around the Tri States. Some people love to listen to it and others grew up playing it.

It's been around Quincy since the 1940s. The Quincy Concert Band brings in people with all sorts of musical talents.

"We have everything from players who have been playing their instruments daily for years and years and those who have had the instrument put in the case for years and have just taken it out and had the opportunity to regain and recapture the joy of playing music with others," Trent Hollinger, Quincy Concert Band Musical and Artistic Director said.

Laura Sievert joined concert band four years ago.

She said it is a great way to rekindle her love for playing music that began in Quincy Public Schools.

"We're all looking for ways to connect. Music has been a huge part of our lives. I mean, everyone since they have been 10 or 12 years old has had it in their life. And it's sometimes hard to find a way to keep doing that," Sievert said.

The concerts are free to attend.

It could be a way to give your child a closer look into a future with music.

"They may be going into fourth grade next year and are thinking maybe I want to play a band instrument. It's a terrific opportunity to come down and see some musicians and say, that's what a trombone sounds like. Oh, no I love all those clarinets," Sievert said.

The fall show is set to bring literature to life through music.

This includes pieces from the Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Rings Series, and the Divine Comedy.

Hollinger said they are similar shows to the Quincy Symphony's.

"Of course the symphony draws six to eight hundred people at their concerts and we are doing a lot of the same stuff. A lot of our audience members have told us that we are one of the best kept secrets, and we would like that secret to be left out," Hollinger said.

Come November 3rd, the band hopes to see these seats packed for its Fall Concert.

The concerts are held at the Morrison Theatre in Quincy Junior High School.

The Quincy Concert Band has its first rehearsal on Thursday.

If you want to join, come to Baldwin Intermediate School at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday with an instrument, and they will make room for you.