Quincy Compressor to close plant in 2015

Quincy Compressor will close its Quincy plant.

The business issued a press release Tuesday. Click here to read it.

"Following an intensive decision-based bargaining process with the leaders of Lodge #822 International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and after a review of proposals received from local community leaders, Quincy Compressor LLC announced today plans to consolidate U.S. manufacturing operations to its headquarters in Bay Minette, Ala."

"This Difficult decision comes after careful consideration and extensive talks with both the union and community leaders," President of Quincy Compressor LLC John Thompson said. "Unfortunately, the combined union and civic incentives fell short of the annual savings required to retain operations in Quincy."

Ross Miller, business representative for the International Machinists Union, District 9, Local 822, told KHQA Tuesday the cost of doing business in Alabama is cheaper and the move will happen in July of 2015.

"They tell us the cost of operating in Bay Minette is less than it is in Quincy, Illinois overall. The building's too big in Quincy, had nothing to do with the workforce or the quality of the people. It was strictly the building's too big. It did not fit their needs anymore or what they need anymore in their business," Miller added.

What does this mean for Quincy?

"It's gonna mean the loss of 152 head of household jobs. That's what it's gonna mean. And the trickle down effect is going to be devastating for everybody. There's millions of dollars gonna be taken out of the economy within a year here in Quincy," Miller said.

Quincy Compressor officials and a task force designed by Mayor Moore to keep the company in town were in negotiations. That task force had put together an incentive-rich package, hoping to make management think twice about moving.

"The Quincy workforce is a great workforce. The taskforce put together what I consider to be a wonderful package from the state, the city. The Mayor did a wonderful job, the officials from the state of Illinois. We gave them a good package. I believe it was actually better than Bay Minette, Alabama. But their decision is still to move it anyway," Miller said. "We're going to have another taskforce meeting probably as soon as next week with the mayor, the state, GREDF. We're gonna work on packages for retraining, schooling and any other benefits we could possibly get these people. I will also be entering into effects bargaining sometime either the 10th or the 14th of this month. We'll work out severance packages and all that stuff for the folks to keep their benefits going as long as we possibly can."

Mayor Moore will hold a press conference at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday to give his statement.

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