Quincy Community Theatre begins marketing initiative

The Quincy Community Theatre is on a mission to show off what it has to offer to Quincy residents and beyond.

The organization has started a new marketing initiative to expand its audience even more.

QCT season-holders come from as far north of Keokuk; as far south as Bowling Green, Missouri; West of Kirksville and just outside of Jacksonville.

Managing Director Dominic Cattero said QCT has seen a lot of growth in ticket sales and sponsorships the past few years, and that the organization has become more regional than ever.

Cattero said, "Everything about us would point to us not being a typical community theatre performing in an old barn, cafeteria or church. Our professionalism outshines the word, "community theatre."

Two of the biggest questions Cattero hears -- when will "Wicked" and "Mama Mia" be on Quincy Community Theatre's stage. He says you'll see them eventually on QCT's stage but not in the near future.

Cattero said, "There's a whole process of rights that shows havve to go through. With "Wicked," we're probably looking at another six or seven years or even a decade before we can even get the rights to do it, Mamma Mia might be looking at twice the amount of time before amateur organizations are allowed to perform those."

As for upcoming performances in the near future, log onto