Quincy Community Theater QUILTA's announced

Vicki Dempsey for Sylvia

Congratulations are in order for some volunteers of the Quincy Community Theater.

A ceremony was held Saturday night recognizing people for the 2013 season.

From the Quincy Community Theater:

The evening began with a formal dinner, followed by the awards and recognition ceremony with the Stalder family serving as Masters of Ceremonies. Bill, Brenda, and their children have been active volunteers for many years and are frequent performers on the QCT stage.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the organization's highest honor, the Enid Ireland Award, to Paul Denckla for his outstanding dedication to QCT over the past 22 years. Since being hired as the theatre's Technical Director in 1992, Denckla has trained countless volunteers, become known for his outstanding performances, and has consistently produced phenomenal scenic and lighting designs for over 100 productions.

Originally working at the QCLT location on Payson, Denckla was instrumental in ensuring that the current QCT facility met the vast needs of the organization.

Denckla, who has always gone above and beyond to serve the theatre in whatever capacity is necessary, has twice assumed the role of Interim Managing Artistic Director and has proven to be a true mainstay of QCT.

QCT's Technical Director, Paul Denckla, presented the Technical Director's Award to Barb Stoll for her outstanding contributions in painting the set of The Wizard of Oz.

Lenny Bart, QCT's Managing Artistic Director, gave the Director's Award to Linda Waller for the dedication she has shown to QCT.

Since she began volunteering, Waller has served on the play reading committee, has volunteered as a box officer or scanner for nearly every production of the 2013 Season, and was a spotlight operator in 9 TO 5 and The Wizard of Oz.

Winners for an outstanding performance in a play were:
- Vicki Dempsey, for Sylvia

- Michael Gash, for Sylvia

Winners for an outstanding performance in a musical were:

- Bobette Cawthon, for The Wizard of Oz

- Sarah Droege, for The Wizard of Oz

- David Samuels, for The Wizard of Oz

- Josh Scott, for The Wizard of Oz

The Ghost Light Award was presented to seven individuals. All recipients were nominated by cast and crew members for the show in which they were involved and a committee selected the winners from the nominations.

The Ghost Light Award is given to those who demonstrate effort that goes above and beyond cast or crew expectations, willingness to help others for the success of the entire show, and ingenuity in problem solving.

The recipients were:

- Sharon Tieken for GODSPELL

- Janell Farmer for The Rainmaker

- Paige Mueller for 9 TO 5: THE MUSICAL

- Vicki Dempsey for Sylvia

- Vicki Hayden, Roberta Hutson, and Lorraine Morgan, for The Wizard of Oz

Also presented were The Burning Flame Awards, given to Courtney Stewart (Wanda's World) and Tommy Harrison (The Wind in the Willows) for outstanding effort in a student production; and the "Rosie," awarded to Mackenzie Finklea-a high school student who displayed the dedication and volunteer services exemplified by Rose Lacquement, a long-time QCT volunteer who passed away unexpectedly in 1999.

QCT is always looking for volunteers in costume, set work, box office, ushering, etc. Individuals interested in volunteering or audition for the 2014 season can contact the QCT Box Office at 217-222-3209, check online at, or email