Quincy clean up begins

Monday marks two weeks since the wind storm passed through the Tri-States, toppling trees and damaging homes.

These days Ray Sertuche is back to work after his business Ray's Auto Repair was damaged by high winds in Quincy.

Sertuche said, "It's basically a catch-up game. We're trying to keep up."

But signs of the storm can't be ignored. The windows to the shop are still broken and the big plate glass windows are still boarded up. The computer that kept the books, is still water logged. But despite the hardships, Sertuche says he and his employees are still plugging along.

Sertuche said, "We're just thankful for our customers and they're very understanding."

Meanwhile the clean-up continues in the city of Quincy. Already crews have removed hundreds of loads of trees and debris from area neighborhoods. But there is much more to do.

At first city crews focused on streets between 12th and 24th. Now they're concentrating efforts on streets between 12th Street and the river as well as those South of Harrison.

The city is spending between $18-$20 thousand dollars a day on the clean-up. But that may not be enough to warrant help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA.

Mayor John Spring is asking the state of Illinois for emergency funding. However, if that doesn't come through the city is prepared to pick up the tab.


The city of Quincy would like you to bring all your storm debris to the curb for clean up.

Crews began city-wide clean up efforts Tuesday.

It may take time, but they know that eventually all the dead branches and chunks of trees will be removed.

If you have any questions or miss the pick up, contact Central Services at 217-228-4520.

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