Quincy city officials speak out about the loss of local businesses

Lunch with the Mayor event on Tuesday, July 29

One of the plans Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore had before he took office, was retaining jobs here in Quincy.

At his monthly Lunch with the Mayor event, he spoke about steps the city has taken to promote itself as a business friendly environment.

"We launched a fiber optic network not only to businesses but to the homes, and so now you can get speeds 250 times faster in the city of Quincy than you can in other cities,â?? Moore said.

But the closing of businesses such as the Mustard Seed and TGI Fridays, and the re-location of Quincy Compressor, has some Quincyans worried about local job loss.

President of the Great River Economic Development Foundation Marcel Wagner pointed out that it's not just Quincy that is facing tough times keeping its local jobs.

"Every community in America goes through business cycles, all and all, Quincy has fared very well during the recession," Wagner said.

Wagner also said tax in Illinois is one of the main reasons companies think about packing up and moving.

"When you look at some of the advantages in Missouri or Indiana, their workers comp rate is lower, their tax structure is lower,â?? Wagner said. â??And so when businesses make a decision they put together a spread sheet and costs and say, okay, we've had a long history in Quincy, but can we do this particular process anywhere."

For now, Mayor Moore is optimistic about the state of Quincy's businesses.

"We're flourishing despite those setbacks, and we're going to continue to do it, Quincy is a great place to live, work, raise your family and do business, and I'm confident in the next two or three years that people are going to see the work that we're doing is paying off,â?? Mayor Moore said.