Quincy City Council votes to re-apply for licensing permits for Lock and Dams

      The City of Quincy will re-apply for the licensing permits for Lock and Dams 24 and 25 after they expire on April 30th.

      The Council voted 9-5 to do so during Monday night's meeting.

      Last Thursday, Aldermen listened to a presentation from Canadian-company Coastal Hydropower on the possibility of a hydroelectric partnership moving forward.

      Alderman Steve Duesterhaus (D-2) made the motion to approve, with Alderman Mike Farha (R-4) seconding. Those voting no were Virgil Goehl (D-1), LeXze Mann (R-1), Kyle Moore (R-3), Jim Musolino (R-6) and Terri Heinecke (R-7).

      Quincy Mayor John Spring said in-house counsel will do the necessary paperwork to submit to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and there is no cost to do so.

      *Contributed by WTAD reporter Jamie Busen.