Quincy business sees growth despite wintry weather

The Tri-States is experiencing their harshest winter in recent years. The wintry effects have been felt across many platforms

The city of Quincy almost experienced a shortage of salt. Propane companies charging more than five dollars a gallon. Also, schools are all using the emergency days built into their calendar.

Businesses, too, have been affected by the harsh winter.

Bailey's Coffee, Fudge and Fine Gifts decided to redo their customer service to keep their current customers coming and to also attract the new ones.

"We don't have a drive-thru, what we'll do though is we'll tell people we'll meet you at the curb." Renee Higgins, Owner of Bailey's Coffee, Fudge, and Fine Gifts said.

Higgins says despite the harsh winter, business has been good. Through the holiday season they saw a lot of people come in especially on Valentine's Day.

Another way to they attract people is encouraging them to call ahead.

"We also have customers who will call us ahead of time so we can get their order ready when they come in so they can grab it and go" Higgins said.

Higgins and her husband purchased the shop about a year ago.

She believes their newness helps as well.

"We've done a lot to get the word out we're here, we're open," Higgins said.

They use Facebook and Twitter because their customer base is very tech savvy.

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However, the Quincy Chamber of Commerce says sometimes despite businesses' accommodating their patrons, some days you just don't know.

"I think their sales might be a little more erratic, really high one day, on a good day really low, you know, on bad day." Amy Looten, Executive Director of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce said.

Higgins agrees, but she also believes ... "Positive thinking attracts positive things so you know owning your own business is like riding a roller coaster ride, there's up days, down days, but as long as you keep a positive attitude, things will be fine in the end,â?? Higgins said.