Quincy business partners with Quanada to make a difference

A Quincy business that promotes fitness and a healthy lifestyle is making sure some clients of Quanada can get a warm coat and a food basket this holiday season.

NuFIT For You began accepting the donated items on Monday and will continue with the drive until next week.

For each item donated, the person's name is entered into a drawing to get a free month long membership to NuFIT.

Angie Asmann is the owner of NuFIT and says they donate items and services to a charitable cause each month.

"Yeah, I let my instructors kind of give me ideas every month on what charities we should support. And this month we decided to do Quanada. That time of year where they're really needing coats, they're really needing food and Quanada has been really really good to work with," Asmann said.

"You know we take those things for granted those of us that can just go get them at Walmart or K-Mart. But those that don't have a job and they don't have any kind of funds. We really, they really rely on other people in the community to help them out during this time of year," Quanada's Becky Koetters said.

Each of the five NuFIT locations will have a drawing for a free one month membership.