Quincy business owners address Dogwood carnival concerns

Quincy business owners address Dogwood carnival concerns.

Business owners Rodney Hart and Bret Austin addressed Quincy council members Monday night.

Their primary concern -- the negative impact of the Dogwood Carnival in the District.

Hart says street closures drastically reduced customer traffic and the streets were covered in trash.

"The southeast corner of Washington Park looked like a bomb had been dropped on it. It was trashed, and the video and photos we took do not do it justice. I could not walk up the steps to the gazebo because it was covered in trash," said Hart.

Meanwhile Alderman Paul Havermale wants to remind downtown businesses how much the taxpayers contribute to their success.

"Everybody in the city has helped the downtown get where they are, but now we're going to limit what you can do with our streets. So I think we have to be incredibly sensitive so we make this work for everybody involved," said Havermale.

Both sides of the issue agree there's a need for a more objective system to approve street closures.

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