Quincy business man holds food drive for Horizons

Once again the owner of the Vacuum Clinic in Quincy is giving you a chance to make a difference in lives of some of your friends and neighbors.

From now to the end of the year Samuel Franklin is holding a food drive for the Horizon's Food Pantry.

If you bring in 30 non perishable items you will get 30 percent off anything in the store.

But what has delighted both Sam and Horizon's Program Manager Mark Geissler is that some people have already donated and asked for nothing in return.

Samuel Franklyn says, "This afternoon I had a couple of ladies come in. They brought in 3 bags of groceries and didn't want a thing for it. It's just amazing ....And I had a gentleman yesterday do the same thing. It's just amazing how Quincy responds when the need is there."

Mark Geissler, program manager for Horizons says that over the last few years the number of people using their services has grown significantly.

Geissler says, "We have just seen triple if not quadruple the amount of services coming through our doors. There would be a lot of people, especially through our food pantry and soup kitchen , that if they didn't receive those services, they would have no adequate food for their families or to themselves at all."

A large cart is sitting in the bed of a truck in from of the business in downtown Quincy.

It was donated by Hy-Vee.

That's because Samuel has another challenge for you.

If you can fill that cart by yourself by the end of this week, he will give you a vacuum for free.